LICROX participates in Research Meets Industry

Last week the LICROX consortium participated in the virtual gathering “Research Meets Industry” organized by the FET project BRIEFING: Bridging the FET Innovation Gap. During the event, the participating projects presented their breakthrough innovations to an audience of companies, corporates, research institutions and business stakeholders.

Prof. Antoni Llobet introduced the audience to LICROX, during the afternoon session, entitled Focus on Solar Fuel and Energy Harvesting. During his talk Prof. Llobet highlighted the importance of the energetic transition “LICROX wants to contribute to the transition from contaminating fossil fuels into something that’s environmentally friendly and sustainable, like solar fuels. We want to transform water to hydrogen and reduce CO2 to ethylene, a very important chemical raw material for many industrial areas.” This way, the audience learnt about the LICROX project, aimed at the fabrication and test of a photoelectrochemical cell (PEC): an artificial photosynthesis device for converting sunlight, water and carbon dioxide (CO2) into carbon-based molecules able to store chemical energy.

Overall, 14 exciting Future and Emerging Technology/EIC Pathfinder projects funded by the European Commission presented breakthrough innovations in Energy Storage and Conversion, Solar Fuel and Energy Harvesting to corporates, companies, and venture capitals. Details of the event and the participants can be found in the booklet.