LICROX project featured on the European Commission’s CORDIS website

With the title “New technology aims to efficiently transform sunlight into energy-storing compounds”, the article delves into the approach and outcomes of this EU-funded project.

The LICROX project has been highlighted on the European Commission’s CORDIS website. The project was funded by the EU and finished in August 2023. It had the goal to develop and test a photoelectrochemical cell (PEC) for converting sunlight into carbon molecules capable of storing chemical energy.

The LICROX-developed PEC is capable of using sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide (CO₂) to produce carbon-based molecules with one or two carbon atoms (C1 and C2). This technology has the potential to revolutionize energy storage, offering a viable and cost-effective approach to directly convert sunlight into chemical energy.

A distinctive aspect of LICROX was the integration of light-trapping mechanisms into the PEC, significantly enhancing light-harvesting efficiency and catalysis. The LICROX-developed PEC demonstrated success in efficiently obtaining carbon-based products, notably ethylene, a crucial component in the chemical industry. This breakthrough holds promise for transforming sunlight and CO₂ into energy-storing compounds.

Published in six different languages (English, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish), the article includes quotes from Prof. Llobet, who explains that LICROX’s success resulted from a highly multidisciplinary effort. The collaboration of all the partners from the consortium, which were experts in chemistry, physics, engineering, optics, and social involvement allowed LICROX not only to advance scientific knowledge but also to contribute innovative solutions for the global transition from fossil fuels to solar energy.

🔗 Read the full article published in the European Comission’s CORDIS website.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under the grant agreement No. 951843.