LICROX organized a Workshop on the Future Perspectives on Solar to Fuels in Copenhagen

Last 29th and 30th of September, the Future perspectives on Solar to Fuels Workshop was held in Copenhagen, organized by our partner: the Danish Board of Technology (DBT). The main aim of the event was to connect business, academia, and public and civil sectors to explore and define future pathways for the front-running LICROX solar-to fuel technology.

The workshop, which gathered around 30 stakeholders, was set up in different scenes bringing three perspectives for the future of our project:

(1) The future of the energy landscape;

(2) Practical implementation; and

(3) Resources and materials.

It counted with key talks from Prof. Antoni Llobet (ICIQ, coordinator of LICROX) that presented the project and its status; Mr. Kenneth Karlsson from the Energy Modelling Lab (consultancy company based in Denmark) shared a projection of the future energy market; Mr. Finn Arler from Aalborg University explored the potential implementation of LICROX plants in Europe from a planning perspective; and finally Dr. Ivan Muñoz (2.-0 LCA Consultants) presented the results from a life cycle assessment that is currently being carried out in our project.

After the presentation of the three perspectives, participants actively participated in the open discussions identifying key trends and characteristics of a future scenario for LICROX in 2040. In addition, the workshop included working groups where participants were guided through an exercise trying to identify barriers and solutions related to the previously discussed LICROX scenario.

The conclusions and open discussions generated from this workshop will be used in the project to map social acceptance and potential exploitation pathways, feeding into a large-scale citizen’s engagement process in the beginning of 2023.