LICROX 1st Year Review Meeting

The LICROX Work Package Leaders gathered virtually on the 28th of October to share with the European Commission the updates and developments of the project during its first year.

The review covered the activities that LICROX has been carrying out for the last 12 months. The European Commission examined the degree to which the work plan has been carried out; whether all deliverables were completed; if the objectives are still relevant and provide scientific or industrial breakthrough potential; how the use of resources was planned and used in relation to the achieved progress; the management procedures and methods of the project; the contributions of the consortium and their integration within the project; the expected potential of the scientific, technological, economic, competitive and social impact, and the consortium’s plans for using and disseminating the results; and the compliance with other grant agreement obligations.

The meeting started with a welcome message from Ioannis Fiamegkos (LICROX’s Project Officer, EISMEA, Brussels) and continued with a brief introduction and summary of the main achievements by Antoni Llobet (ICIQ), the description of the work done in WP1 (Ethics Requirements) and WP7 (Project Management) followed by the progress made in WP2 (CO2R Tandem Catalysis and WOC) by Raffaella Buonsanti (EPFL). The agenda continued with the progress made by WP3 (Semiconductors for the photo-anode and cathode) presented by Ian Sharp (TUM) and WP4 (Light trapping by the PEC) developed by Jordi Martorell (ICFO). Finally, the work carried out by WP6 (Environmental impacts, social acceptance, exploitation, and dissemination of results) during the last 12 months was presented by Aske Palsberg and Lars Klüver (DBT).

The meeting was assisted by three external experts: Galia Maayan (Technion, Israel), Alexander Dmitriev (University of Gothenburg), and Donna Munro (Solar Consultancy, UK), who at the end of the meeting provided their comments and feedback.

The next review meeting will be held on February 2022.